Durability, quality, reliability

Windmak Window Manufacturing Industry provide custom construction in any dimension, affordable prices and unsurpassed quality of our products are what bring us to the forefront.

With complete hotel packages, quality solutions for individuals, and advantageous offers for contractors.

We are ready to cover even the most demanding customers!

The old buildings give prestige to a city and we with passion and love undertake the restoration of these buildings with the appropriate design but also with unsurpassed quality of construction.

Ideal solutions for wooden frames with attention to quality and durability for churches and monasteries.

Our ordering sequence

We will help you choose the right construction, size and the right wood for the exterior or interior use considering the safety that you need  and then you will choose the right color through our huge variety of colors.

Create with top Design, best safety and love for the environment

One of the most basic features of a window is security,

Here Windmak is a pioneer, with recognized patent certificates and international awards, able to provide state-of-the-art home and business options with cutting-edge technology.

The love for wood and its processing comes from our love for nature, the people of Windmak participate and strengthen every tree planting in our country.

At the same time, of course, we are very careful in choosing our raw materials and suppliers, ensuring that they come from controlled areas in every legal and respectful way for the environment.

The beautiful design combined with quality materials and construction highlights the space and enhances the quality of the time we spend on it.

Windmak, faithfully following the trends in the field and with respect to tradition, knows very well how to achieve this.

Solutions for Hotels

We provide hotels and all professionals with complete packages of wooden frames and furniture at affordable prices. From construction to installation.

Packages for contractors

Windmak has adapted special packages for contractors looking for reliability and quality at reasonable prices. With the guarantee of Windmak from construction to installation.

Something unique for individuals

For the individual who is looking for safety, quality and high resistance to wooden frames for his home or his cottage, Windmak is the ideal solution!