Dark Red Meranti

Merandi is a tropical tree that thrives in Asia and mainly in Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Merandi, like all woods, is distinguished by different qualities. The top class is the Dark Red Meranti, which is used by all the large processing units that produce the sticky wood, which is recommended for the construction of wooden frames.

Despite the great variety of woods, the red-colored Merandi Malaysia occupies 99.6% of the preferences throughout Europe. Especially in the Mediterranean countries, it is considered the most suitable wood for the construction of external frames due to its excellent characteristics such as high strength. This wood is of very high quality and has excellent mechanical properties. In particular, it has high resistance to bending and compression, increased hardness and durability, insulating properties, very good elasticity characteristics and shows minimal dimensional changes during processing. The anti-stick method also provides zero distortion tendencies.

Among other things, the Merandi achieves a very good price / performance ratio while at the same time it has a long life and durability in conditions of increased humidity and extreme temperature changes such as those found in Greece.

Wind mak S.A. uses exclusively first quality Dark red Meranti of high density (550 to 600 kg / m3) and unreservedly recommends it as the best choice for the construction of exterior frames for Mediterranean climates such as Greece. In addition to the excellent features it presents, it is also the ideal financially “Best value for money” solution for the buyer.

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